Professionals In Commercial Kitchens...


...Peeling & Cutting...
Vegitable Cutter
An appliance for cutting/slicing fruit and vegetables in various shapes and sizes, grating cheese, dry bread, chocolate, nuts; shredding carrots, celery, potatoes, apples, turnips, beetroots and Mozzarella.
Manual Vegitable Cutter
Machine for manually slicing fruit, vegetables, frankfurters, cooked ham, mozzarella, etc...
Potato Peeler
An appliance for peeling potatoes and carrots.
An appliance for slicing cold meats and salami, cheeses, etc...
Hand/Stick Blender
An appliance to obtain various food products on the basis of the utensil utilized. MIXER to realize minestrone, vegetable purée, sauces, batters, mayonnaise, tomato purée, pesto, etc...
...Meat Processing...
Meat Mincer
A meat grinder or meat mincer is a kitchen appliance for grinding, fine mincing or mixing raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or similar food.
A bandsaw is a power tool which uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various workpieces.
...Dough Mixer...
Spiral Kneader
Machine that produces different types of dough, especially indicated for soft dough such as bread and pizza.
Rotary Kneader
Machine for different types of dough such as pizza, bread, biscuits, croissant, brioche, pastries, sponge cake, pie crust, meringue, mash, mayonnaise, various sauces, whipped cream, etc...
...Snack Bar...
Havy Duty Blender
Heavy-duty blenders are multifunction machines that go beyond the normal blender call of duty: crush ice, purée soups, whip up smoothies and blend smooth frozen drinks.
Milk Shaker
Milk Shake Machine is combination of Ripple Softy & Milk Shake is the most economical and profitable way to offer both ripple serve and shakes at the same time.
Juice Squeezer
An appliance that is used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.
Ice Crusher
Professional ice mincer to crush ice in thin chips, ideal for frozen drinks, cocktails Or to prepare Caipirinhas, Mojitos, etc...
The toaster is typically a electric kitchen appliance designed to toast multiple types of bread products.
Crep Machine
A kitchen utensil with short side walls that is heated by electrical current in order to cook a crêpe that is 8 to 10 inches in diameter.
Hot Dog Heating Machine
Equipment that is suitable for cooking and heating hot dogs and sausages.
Pizza Oven
Professional electric ovens, An appliance for pizza, bread, ect...
Convection Oven
A convection oven is a gas or electric oven that is equipped with a fan which provides continuous circulation around the food, allowing the food to cook evenly and more quickly. Reduce the temperature in your recipe by 25 degrees when using a convection oven.
Microwave Oven
A microwave oven, often colloquially shortened to microwave, is a kitchen appliance that heats food by dielectric heating accomplished with radiation used to heat polarized molecules in food. Microwave ovens heat foods quickly and efficiently because excitation is fairly uniform in the outer 25–38 mm of a dense (high water content) food item; food is more evenly heated throughout (except in thick, dense objects) than generally occurs in other cooking techniques.
A small broiler oven used to quickly brown, glaze, cook, broil, or toast various foods. The Salamander is often used to provide the nicely browned crust to a crème brûlée, an au gratin dish or toasted bread. The larger oven units are typically built to be mounted above a cooking range or on a wall. Smaller versions are also manufactured so they can be placed on a counter similar to a microwave. Designed as electric or non-electric ovens, regardless of the heat source all Salamanders are used for the same purpose, browning the top of food dishes.